Dear Michael

You go too soon.

Like a nightmare.

All the people do not believe.

Tears filled with eyes.

Long Time mood could not be calm.


Thank you,

Given the world warm, peaceful, zeal,

And your utter innocence


Is this greedy, ignorance of the world hurt you.



Our king of pop,

You take a rest.

We know that you have already tired.

Not to worry sleep deprivation.

The sleep may have to sleep for a long period of time.

That you are not alone,
We are here with you.
Though you're far away,
We are here to stay.

We are love you,

As you love like us.

You are our hearts will forever be the king of pop.

We are know,

You will come back.



                                               The fans forever~

                                                                 Chieh ,2009/7/7 Taiwan



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